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I want my life to be a movie so much. I’d love to walk through a library and reach the same book as someone the opposite side, see them through the gap and discover it’s a beautiful TDH man who will make me blush then rock my world. Wife me, beautiful


Tis’ so yummy I swear! 

Kaya lang, kanina ko lang sya nadiscover :( Wala na daw bukas…. 

I bought 200grams… Not enough para masuya ako :( 


I WANT DANISH BREAD 😰 all time favourite from my youthStill reminds me of tubby toast and still makes my slinky go bboing boing boing 😳😍😍
Feeeel good
I want a life like they have in Friends and seeing this pic has made my life
Rescheduled Thursday night plans #glamour #look #magazines #fashion #rose #nightin #highstreet #instagood #soapnight #picoftheday (Taken with Instagram)

i wish my school’s uniform was like this

I freakin LOVE having a tan. No makeup is required. Getting ready takes 5 mins #easylife

Trialling my pastel block shorts today #summer (Taken with instagram)